Why protein is essential for muscle growth

First things first: you need weight training to stimulate muscle growth. I think we can all agree that if you want to pack on quality muscle, then getting to the gym and lifting heavy ass weight is a must. No way around it. If you are not doing that already, then that is your first point of action. But, this is just the very first step on the road to building that killer physique you have always wanted. Even though performing weight training delivers the stress to your muscles that signals them to grow, the actual ‘growing part’ needs something else. Can you guess? Well, let me tell you: protein, and lots of it! While many partake in regular weight training with the goal of building more muscle, many fall short of achieving this goal simply because they don’t get in the required protein. I mean after all; how can you expect a stressed muscle to repair itself without a steady supply of the necessary recovery fuel? You just can’t! This is why protein will be your number one key to maximum muscle growth.


You can look at protein as simply a collection of single building blocks strung together. These building blocks are known as amino acids. In the body, protein is broken down into these single amino acids and utilized to repair and build muscle following those intense weight training sessions. Let’s put it this way: without enough of these building blocks on hand to the body, all the weight training in the world will not build muscle. No matter how hard you try! The good news for you however, is that we have a pretty good understanding today of how much protein you should be looking to consume in order to maximize your gains. Research has shown that in order to maximize muscular growth and retention, you should be looking to get in a daily protein intake of approx. 1.6-2.2g/kg bodyweight (Morton et al. 2018). Its safe to say that by hitting this daily protein intake sweet spot, you will be providing your muscles with all the building blocks they need to grow to their full potential.


Morton et al. 2018: Figure shows the increase in muscle development with increases in total daily protein intake.


Why Superwhey 100?  super whey protein peak body

If your goal is to build muscle, then adequate daily protein intake is going to be at the top of your list. But, lets be honest, getting in large amounts of protein from whole food sources can be quite a task! This can be especially the case if you don’t have a big appetite or lead a busy lifestyle. While protein is abundant in foods like meat, eggs, beans and fish, getting in large amounts, is not always practical. While whole foods are definitely great, they don’t always contain all the protein building blocks needed to maximize growth. Well, there is light at the end of the tunnel and this is where Superwhey 100 comes in! The great thing about whey protein, as research tells us, is that it has one of the ‘highest nutritional qualities’ and ‘absorption rates’ (Patel, 2015) than any other major protein source (such as eggs, soy and casein). What does that mean? Well, simply put: your muscles get access to all the amino acids and peptides it needs, and fast. The end result being? Your muscles get everything they need in order to maximally grow. What is not to like, right? But guess what, whey protein also comes with a whole range of additional health benefits such as appetite suppression (good for fat loss!), reductions in oxidative stress (great for anti-aging!) and, cardiovascular risk mitigation (healthier heart!). So, while Superwhey 100 provides you with a high-quality, fast and convenient source all the necessary vital building blocks for optimal muscle growth, it also gives you an array of health benefits at the same time. A double win for you!


Patel, 2015: The benefits of whey protein



Don’t overlook the need for quality protein

Once you have a properly implemented weight training program in place, getting in enough daily protein is going to be key for ensuring that maximal muscle growth can be obtained. You might have heard the phrase ‘growth takes place OUTSIDE the gym’? Well, I can tell you for certain, this is 100% true. Weight training simply provides the stress needed to initiate muscle growth. But, everything outside of the gym (nutrition, sleep, stress) forms the ‘motor’ of how well a muscle will recover and grow in response to that stress. Without sufficient protein, this motor simply will never bring about the desired muscular changes you strive for. However, If there is one thing for certain, Peak Body’s Superwhey 100 can certainly get the job done and help you with this.

Article written by Stephen Moreton