My name is Steve, and I am proud to be your coach at Peak Body UK Nutrition. Now, you are probably wondering, oh great, another coach! Don't we have enough of them already? Well, it's true, there are a lot of coaches flooding the industry today, but guess what, I am not like other coaches. I have other plans in mind! My goal, is to actually be a coach to you: to teach, inspire and motivate you to achieve all your goals. You see, if I am honest, most coaches revolve around a ‘pay and goodbye model’. Simply put, you hire a coach, the coach gives you a premade program and you say your goodbyes. Don't expect further help or guidance with your fitness journey. The coach moves on to the next person having forgotten about you. Sadly, you were nothing more than a ‘transaction’. Unfortunately, this is pretty much the current state of the coaching industry and guess what, it does not seem like it's going to get better. But, I wanted to be better than this, and I know you also want better.


After seeing many people left disappointed in their coaches and not being given the correct information, guidance or attention needed to truly flourish, I decided something had to change. I said to myself: for someone truly passionate about fitness and helping people with their own fitness goals, why don't I do something about this? Well guess what? I did just that! I set out with the intention to write, educate, inspire and guide everyone who wanted to achieve their fitness goals. I wanted to be a coach that would rise above all the shortcomings, scams and disappointments in the fitness industry and to lead by example. I wanted to be exactly what a coach should be: a coach! Not just give people cookie cutter training and nutrition programs and send them on their ways, but to really teach, guide and inspire them on what it truly takes to make a positive change to their body. To be with them every step of the way and to go above and beyond to make sure they get to where they want to be. In doing so, I hope I can be an example for other coaches as well!


Unlike most coaches who came into the industry at a much later age, I was born into it. I didn't wake up one day and say: today, I want to be part of the industry, let's be a coach. From the moment I was born, my learning experience began Heck, I was already in the gym playing with dumbbells. I was that eager I guess! Being surrounded by family members and friends who have dedicated a large part of their lives working in, contributing to and building the fitness industry, I have been able to see first-hand what anyone can achieve with the right knowledge, guidance and support network by their side. However, I have also been able to see what can easily happen when people are misled: lots of time wasted, motivation destroyed, disappointment created. With the knowledge and support gained through my own experiences and from others, my goal and ambition is to do nothing less than bring only the best of what I know in terms of training and nutrition, directly to your fingertips. I hold absolutely nothing back. I do what no one else dares to do: go the extra mile for you, and then some more. If that is still not enough, than I will go even further and will not stop until you have finally achieved what you set out to achieve.

I am pleased to offer my passion, enthusiasm, and knowledge to the world. The drive and passion that I have for fitness is reflected in how far I will go for you. As long as you stick with me, there will be nothing you cannot reach, no barrier you cannot break through, no obstacle that is too big to go around. The motivation that drives me as your coach, is your success and your belief in overcoming the impossible. What you thought was once an impossible goal, is now your reality. I want to make anything for you, possible.

Qualifications and Experience


B.Sc. Neuroscience (Biological Sciences), University College London

 M.Sc. International Business Management, Kent Business School

 NASM International Certified Personal Trainer

 NASM International Certified Teacher

 NASM Certified Performance Enhancement Specialist

 NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist

 ACE Certified Nutrition Specialist

 UKDFBA Novice Bodybuilding Competitor (August 2018).

 British Powerlifting Open Class Competitor (2019 and beyond)