CBD products are currently seeing a huge surge within the marketplace for natural health remedies, not just in humans but also in pets too! Dynamic Performance have a range of Pet CBD Oil.


CBD is a cannabidiol which means that it is only one of the components (of which there are over 100) that is found in cannabis. It is also found naturally in hemp, which is where our CBD products all derive from. CBD is therefore a legal and effective alternative to cannabis for those with chronic conditions as it has the benefits without the high. CBD has been shown to provide effective pain relief resulting from its analgestic properties, can help reduce seizures, aid restful sleep and reduces anxiety levels. Its effects can take between 20 minutes to an hour and is more effective if taken on an empty stomach. It could even help clear acne. The side effects of CBD products are minimal if any, although you should always check with your GP before using CBD if you are taking any other medications.

At Peak Body Nutrition we have done our research and supply a wide range of CBD products that have helped our customers to best manage many conditions from cancer, to PTSD, Parkinson’s Disease and epilepsy.

But its not just us humans who need a little helping hand and pain management from time to time. It can be just as devastating when our four-legged family members go through the ordeal of dealing with a chronic or life changing condition – so why shouldn’t they get the same opportunities that we do to ease or alleviate their symptoms? Here at Peak Body we have developed a Pet CBD oil which means that we can give our pets the same chances and opportunities that we would get and at an affordable price!

Meet Harley, a Chow Chow. Diagnosed with severe arthritis at the age of 3 the vets were pessimistic about the quality of life that he would have, not least because of his size. Harley’s owners went through the usual treatment options and supplemented his medication with hydrotherapy but he was still in so much pain that the outlook was bleak. Refusing to give up on Harley his owners decided to try Pet CBD Oil and just look at the difference it made to him! Watch the video below to see Harley’s transition from living each day with chronic pain and limited movement to being to full of life and decide for yourself whether Pet CBD Oil is an option that could work for your pet.

Happy Dog: Harley at hydro sessions whilst taking CBD.

Happy Dog: Harley feeling well and happier on CBD.

Pet CBD Oil is gaining momentum not just in the UK but also across the pond as well, and there are lots of articles that triumph the benefits of this amazing new therapy.