What is Stacking SARMs?

Stacking SARMs is exceptionally popular and in theory can create a powerful mix to help achieve a goal faster or achieve multiple goals at once. Stacking SARMs is simply where you take cycles of more than one compound. We’re going to take a dive into this practise and give you our thoughts on the matter. Often in these types of articles you’ll see science jargon thrown around, where we have to use it, we will explain what it means.

A note to users new to SARMs

If you are new to SARMs and considering starting off with a stack, it is worth considering that different people do report different results with each of the SARMs. While broadly the results are what you would expect from the product, on occasion some people get far and above what they would expect and others may get slightly less than they expect. Bearing that in mind, it is often a good idea to have completed a cycle of at least one SARM you are considering stacking so that you know its relative effectiveness and can gauge the improvement of a stack.

What do I need to know?

Here at Peakbody we knowingly classify SARMs with compounds that are SARM-like in results. A good example is Ibutamoren MK-677, one of our most popular “SARMs”. MK-677 has been shown to increase human growth hormone in the body, and it does this by being a ghrelin (“the hunger hormone”) receptor agonist (meaning it binds to) and a growth hormone secretagogue (meaning it promotes secretion).

Now what has this information got to do with stacking SARMs? Well, traditionally the biggest concern when stacking SARMs is you must consider multiple compounds competing for the same receptors in your body, that is to say would one compound be more likely to take up all the receptors and waste the second. Some SARMs are “better” than others at binding to receptors. The theory is the lesser of the SARMs could be wasted. This way of thinking has been contradicted by an overwhelming number of anecdotal statements of users who feel it has worked perfectly for them. Others also say your body has more than enough receptors that they do not compete. The fact is that SARMs are relatively new drugs and research in this area is limited.

Ultimately, deciding whether to stack two SARMs or a SARMs and a SARMs-like product is one that must be made by the user.

What’s the best stack for…

Certain combinations tend to become more popular over time, and users test and refine them with dosages individual to the user. It should go without saying these are intended for use with a suitable exercise plan and diet. Here are popular combinations and their intentions:

Best SARM Stacks for Bulking

Bulking is where the user gains as much mass in a short of time as possible.

  • LGD-4033 Ligandrol + RAD-140 Testolone + MK-677 Ibutamoren
    Ligandrol and RAD-140 are currently two of the most popular SARMs. Both trade the crown for best muscle growth. When coupled with Ibutamoren’s ability to promote human growth hormone, users have reported explosive results.
  • S-23 + RAD-140 + MK-677 Ibutamoren
    Some users swap out Ligandrol for S-23 which is a new boy on the block in the SARMs world, S-23 is a great lean muscle mass builder.
  • YK-11 + RAD-140
    YK-11 increases both lean muscle mass and strength, and when coupled with the muscle growth properties of RAD-140 you have a potent combo.

Best SARM Stacks for Cutting

Cutting is the aim of reducing fat while keeping as much lean muscle as possible. The emphasis is to retain muscle, so the speed of the cutting is the compromise as opposed to loss.

  • MK-2866 Ostarine + S-4 Andarine + GW-501516 Cardarine
    Ostarine for performance during training, Andarine to reduce muscle loss and Cardarine to increase stamina. This golden trio gives you all the arsenal to train hard along with cardio to reduce fat while protecting your muscle gains as best as possible.

Best SARM Stacks for Weight Loss

Not dissimilar to cutting, weight loss aims at reducing primarily fat, but emphasises speed of loss over retaining lean muscle. However we dont entirely ignore retaining lean muscle. We consider the speed of loss preferable.

Best SARM Stacks for Body Recomposition

The holy grail of losing fat and gaining muscle simultaneously is a common goal amongst users.

  • LGD-4033 Ligandrol + S-4 Andarine
    Lignadrol and Andarine are superstars at retaining muscle. The theory is you’re giving the body no choice but to burn fat for energy.

PCT - Post Cycle Therapies with SARM stacks

Peak Body’s position has remained that there is not a requirement for a true PCT in the traditional sense of the term, however we are aware that other suppliers do recommend “PCTs”, and often these PCTs key ingredient is Laxogenin. Their arguments are PCTs help return hormone balance rapidly. With the absence of scientific evidence on this matter, we currently do neither recommend nor discourage the use of PCTs. It is a decision for the user. We frequently review this position and will go with the science if and when it exists.

Over to you?

Do you have a secret sauce of SARMs you want to tell the world about? We’d love to hear about it in the comments, and we hope to bring you more stacking combinations in the future.