What is Laxogenin?

You may have seen this supplement which has been dubbed 'the plant steroid' which has had a lot of buzz about it recently. It's harvested from the root stems of the Smilax sieboldii plant, commonly grown in the Americas and Asia. Researchers discovered it provides anabolic and androgenic ratio similar to the popular steroid, Anavar.

In itself it's a fantastic and entirely natural supplement to build muscle and it often finds itself contained within over the counter PCT supplements, though the reason for this is not entirely clear.

What are the main benefits of Laxogenin?

Laxogenin increases protein synthesis and nitrogen retention. It has been shown to inhibit cortisol which has a knock on effect of improving the bodies overall anabolic balance.

Is Laxogenin Natural?

Laxogenin is 100% naturaland will not show up as a recreational drug or anabolic drug during screening. It is not currently listed on WADA prohibited list, however if you are a professional athlete you must verify the current status within the sport for Laxogenin yourself. Ensure that if you do decide to take Laxogenin that you take a pure and trustworthy product such Dynamic Performance's Laxogenin as some manufacturers include unlisted banned substances.