Which are the best Sarms for you?

SARMS, or Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators, actively target selected muscle tissue for direct aid in muscle recovery and support. Sarms encourage lean muscle growth, to boost strength and stamina and to heal strain on overworked joints. There are many Sarms for sale in online stores and countless options for you to choose from, no matter where you buy, the time that Sarms are taken can greatly impact the results of your training.

What are Sarms Stacks?

For those who want to push their workout to yield maximum results, Sarms can be “stacked”, this is when various Sarms are used in combination. Stacks cater to an individual’s training needs. Some stacks are for cutting, others for bulking. Athletes can enhance their conditioning with precision stacks that cater to fat loss, extended performance and strength building all at the same time.

How long do Sarms work for and when is the best time of day or night to take them?

Because Sarms are active compounds that bind to androgen receptors they have a half-life, a window of time that they can stay effective within the body. Most Sarms have a long enough half-life that the time of day they are taken, no matter what stack you have decided to train with, it will not negatively affect the benefits from additional recovery and repair. If the body has a consistent dose to work with, it will yield the intended bulk, cut or stamina boost from a Sarms stack.

How can I get the best results from Sarms supplements?

It may seem obvious at first, but for cutting stacks, the best results are yielded within a calorie deficit. Sarms like Ostarine are taken to inhibit muscle loss when cutting calories in the diet. For bulking, Ligandrol has a convenient half-life of 24-36 hours, is taken once a day, and promotes muscle gain in a high calorie diet in conjunction with lifting heavy. For increased endurance, Cardarine can be used to extend the oxygen intake of muscle fibres, therefore making it a great Sarm to include in your stack if you are looking to develop stamina without the extended recovery.

How long do Sarms take to work, and should I continue to take Sarms on days that I don’t work out?

It will take a few weeks of every day Sarms use, dosing once a day, to notice a difference. You should continue to take Sarms when you take a day off from training, as your body is in recovery mode. During this time, Sarms help the body to repair and grow, depending on the stack you choose, you can reduce recover and grow new muscle tissue at once, even during off days. Rest, diet and supplementation are all key factors in any efficient conditioning routine.

How long can I use Sarms for?

Sarms have differing intervals at which they should be used in conjunction with a training and diet regime. For the Sarms mentioned above, such as Ostarine, users can take one dose daily for 6 to 8 weeks to aid recomposition. Ligandrol is taken every day for 8 weeks to help with bulking. Cardarine for performance is often used for 6 to 8 weeks alongside a stamina conditioning work out routine.

What foods should I eat when using Sarms?

Sarms use is all about growth and burn, therefore a diet that supports muscle repair and melts fat will be of peak benefit. A high-quality protein shake will ease recovery and help your body get the reparative nutrients it needs to work its magic. Consider doubling your protein powder intake during a cycle of Sarms use. Try to also increase your consumption of dark green leafy vegetables, as the added calcium can aid in muscle function.

What food should I not eat when using Sarms?

Just like any diet recommended during heavy exercise, highly processed, oily, salty and fatty foods should be avoided to ensure your body is getting the most effective nutrition. Stay clear of too much sugar and soy, reduce artificial flavours and sweeteners and hydrogenated oils. Avoid alcohol as it stresses the liver. Increasing the fibre in your diet can optimize liver health, a key component in body building if you are taking supplements or not alongside training.

Where can I get the best Sarms research and information?

There are many different Sarms stacks available to suit any need. Contact your supplier for the best advice when it comes to supplementing your work out along with your own personal research. Check out our informative blogs for training and supplement information. Shop our range of SARMs and Supplements by following the links at PeakBody.com