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  • Our lean muscle bundle boasts three high-quality products 
  • Discounted price
  • For those looking to build lean muscle

Why bodybuilders prefer this bundle

Bodybuilders can sometimes spend a fortune each month on their supplements, whereas at Peak Body Nutrition we’ve bundled a month’s supply of three of our high-quality products:

Creatine Monohydrate – Supports strength during workouts.

Super Whey 100 – One of the highest quality protein supplements on the UK market that benefit anyone who frequently weight lifts. 

Peak Amino’s – The building blocks of muscle, frequently supplementing amino acids supports protein synthesis and allows your muscles to recover faster.

How it’s used

Creatine Monohydrate can be added to water, juice or a protein shake.

Super Whey 100 is best taken with a combination of milk and water for a superior tasting protein shake.

Peak Amino’s can be added to water, fruit juice or to a protein shake.

Combine all three of these ingredients for a potent, all-in-one shake.

Who is it for?

For bodybuilders that want the best quality products and are living on a budget.

Disclaimer - supplement results vary from person to person and Peak Body Nutrition suggests using supplements to compliment a healthy diet and lifestyle. If in doubt when considering if supplement use is suitable, please contact your GP, Doctor or Physician for advice.

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