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An engineered blend of premium whey protein isolate, amino acids, carbohydrates and creatine monohydrate formulated to help build serious size fast.

Available in four delicious favourite flavours from £11 per kilo

2 Scoops contain:

24g of pure premium whey protein isolate
30g high impact carbohydrates
3g creatine monohydrate
1.8g fat 

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Why bodybuilders use this product

Our new and improved mass gain protein formula can help anyone gain weight quickly due to its well-balanced combination of carbs, whey protein isolate, amino acid profile and creatine monohydrate. This quick weight gainer was initially created to help former Mr Universe and Peak Body founder, John Citrone, win the 1967 Mr Universe title which he would then retain for the following two years. The recipe has since been improved to include a larger amino acid profile and creatine monohydrate as well as the removal of aspartame. 

A balanced blend of high-quality ingredients

Peak Mass derives its entire protein content from the highly bio-available Whey Protein Isolate. The protein is then cross-flow micro filtered which allows for rapid absorption by the gut meaning that less is lost via excretion.

Peak Mass contains vast amounts of the extremely anabolic BCAA's (Branch Chain Amino Acids) which is responsible for efficient protein synthesis. Efficient protein synthesis helps the breakdown of protein which can then be used to refuel the muscles.

High impact carbohydrates help fuel the body with the energy it needs to sustain vigorous workouts. Carbohydrates make up the high-calorie formula and help build size quickly.

Creatine monohydrate, which has the most scientifically supported evidence helps muscular endurance and strength by efficiently recycling energy. Keeping the body loaded with creatine ensures that when it comes to training, you'll be able to work at a maximal output. 

How to use

For a delicious, smooth-textured mass gainer protein shake - mix two scoops with a combination of 150ml of milk and 150ml water in a shaker bottle.

Due to its creatine monohydrate content, Peak Mass can be taken throughout the day including pre-workout and post-workout.

Supplement your diet with protein if you need it - Peak Body recommends 2-3 shakes a day to help hit macronutrient targets.

What you can expect

Each tub/bag contains 150 servings of 30g which makes it one of the cheapest mass gain supplements on the market by a brand name you can trust.

Unlike other weight gainer protein shakes on the market, Peak Body’s won’t leave you feeling dissatisfied with the results due to the fast acting nature of this formula.

Quick mass can be achieved by using this product.

Who is it for?

For bodybuilders/athletes going through a bulking phase who are looking to build mass quickly.

Sportsmen and sportswomen who need to increase the size or weight for competitions.

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Milk Protein, Cross Flow Microfiltered Whey Isolate*, Creatine, Flavouring: - (Strawberry contains Beetroot Red, Vanilla contains no colour, Chocolate contains Cocoa Powder), Sweeteners: - (Sucralose). *From Milk

Typical Values   per 30g serving   per 100g
Energy   483.90kJ / 116.10Kcal   1613kJ / 387Kcal
Fat   0.9g   3g
Carbohydrates   15g   50g
Protein   12g   40g
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