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Joseph Laws
Name: Joseph Laws
Nickname: Benwellbomber
Age: 22
Weight: 69kg
Fights: 40
Wins: 33
How long have you been boxing for?
I've been boxing since I was 14, ever since I walked through the doors I fell in love with the sport.
What weight category do you fight in?
I box at welterweight which is 69kg. 
How long have you been sponsored by Peak Body?
I've been sponsored by peak body for about 15 months now and I've went from strength to strength.
How often do you train?
I train every day, 7 days a week, 364 days of the year, twice a day.
What would you consider to be your best fight?
My best fight I would say was my contest over in Hungary in November I was fighting a lad who had experience, weight and height on me. He was a former Olympian and top class operator. After a very bad first round I came back to knock him out in the 2nd round.
What do you like about Peak Body?
What I like most about Peak Body are the products and service. Most protein supplements taste rubbish but Peak Body are some of the best tasting supplements I've tasted and when you look at the ingredients they don't have all the hidden bad ingredients that some other brands do. As well as the products the service is second to none, when ever I need supplements they are sent out that same day to me.
Which Peak Body products do you take and why?
I've experimented with a few Peak Body supplements but at the minute I take the Soya Whey Protein, this is for post training to minimise muscle loss and aid muscle repair. I take the BCAA's as they are a very important amino acid that promotes training as well as the Peak Body Paleo Bars because I've got a sweet tooth so these kill all cravings I have while still getting the results I need.
Other than boxing, what hobbies do you have?
I'm a bit boxing-mad to be honest, if I'm not boxing I'm swimming, if I'm not swimming I'm doing strength and conditioning. Everything I do is boxing related.
What is your goal in boxing i.e. would you like to compete in a certain competition/Olympics?
My ambitions are to get on team GB and to go to the 2020 Olympics. I have been to many high-classtournaments in the past but every aspiring boxer wants to go to the Olympics as that is the pinnacle of tournaments. And I totally believe with the help and support of Peak Body I can achieve that.
What advice would you give to aspiring boxers?
To any up and coming boxers out there my only advice is don't cut any corners. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. If you train hard and leave it all in the ring, win or loose you can hold your head up high.... Live the life or pay the price.

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