Ben Campbell and Jordon Barnes

What are Kaffein Kicks?

Peak Body are proud sponsors of the Whitley Warriors, amongst other local and renowned athletes and body builders. Whitley Warriors have been seeing some great results since powering up on our Kaffein Kicks.

What are Kaffein Kicks?

In its simplest terms, Kaffein Kicks are an energy drink. They have been around for over 20 years and are widely used not only to help build muscle, but also to provide a boost to performance. They contain caffeine and creatine which are proven to temporarily relieve fatigue and get our Warriors through the toughest of matches, helping their muscles to produce energy and assisting them through the mental challenges that come with playing a very fast paced, high energy sport. What’s more, they taste great!

Health Benefits of Kaffein Kicks: are only one of the sites that list the health benefits of the ingredients used in our Kaffein Kicks. Did you know that creatine may help with the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease, lowers blood sugar levels and so helps to fight diabetes? The benefits of Kaffein Kicks are best seen when used in conjunction with a healthy balanced diet – after all the best things all need to be consumed in moderation …

So what do the Whitley Warriors think of them?