Independent Analysis of SARMs and Peptides

To ensure you're buying with the utmost confidence, we test our products regularly to ensure both conformity and purity. Peak Body has a commitment to providing the highest quality products across its entire range, that's why we have made considerable financial investment to gather independent third-party reports for our products which will provide you with peace of mind.

This page keeps track of the most recent lab results, as we periodically send our products to be tested and this page will be updated frequently following each round of testing.

Please check our frequently asked questions for more information




SARMs and SARM-Like Products


Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't you have (insert product) listed?
This is a new initiative we are undertaking and we are getting our products tested as batches are being created, as such we will be adding products as and when they are tested and added to the collection above. We are testing our most requested - and normally - our most popular products first, so keep checking this page for updates

Why do you have multiple reports listed for the same product?
It makes sense for us to test in batches, so where possible we will send multiple products for (re)testing. It's important to us to demonstrate the consistent quality and to let you and other customers know that we work extremely hard to ensure all of our products are of the highest quality and purity

Why do the STACKED SARMs reports differ to the regular SARMs reports
When we started this initiative we had the choice of measuring the purity of the ingredient in percentage terms or the weight of the ingredient, we decided that for ease of reading and understanding the purity percentage was what we would choose. For STACKED SARMs that doesn't make sense as there's multiple SARMs within each tablet, for those it is far more useful to provide the information by weight. The STACKED SARMs share the same purity as their non-STACKED counterparts, so you can get useful information from both documents.

I've asked you in the past for testing results and you gave me a different document to these, what gives?
In the past - and still currently - we have provided either analysis reports from our suppliers and also other third-party lab results.
Supplier's Reports: We have worked with our suppliers for years and have total confidence in them, however we recognise that it will give our customers greater confidence to have a third party testing easily accessible and that's why we are undertaking this additional testing.
Other Lab's Reports: We have sent our products for testing previously to other labs, however they requested that we only share their reports "upon request" meaning you would need to email us for the document, furthermore, they were not able to test our entire range. The reports are absolutely something we are proud of and will still share upon request, but they cannot be included into this page.

Are these reports legit? / I don't like this lab
Absolutely! MZ Biolabs is well respected for performing SARMs testing across the industry, if-and-when we expand testing to other classes of products we will ensure that well respected and appropriate labs are used. If you have a preferred lab we'd love to hear about it!