L'Arginine Nitro Shot

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  • Supports the production of Nitric Oxide 
  • Improves blood flow to the muscles which allows muscles to work for longer*
  • Encourages vasodilation which maximises muscle-pump*
  • Can also support weight loss*

Why bodybuilders use our product

L-Arginine is now hailed as the miracle muscle builder for its ability to boost Nitric Oxide. Nitric Oxide is produced by endothelial cells which line the arteries and acts as a potent vasodilator. The vasodilation of arteries increases blood flow and improves circulation which is especially beneficial to the working muscles.

Users enjoy the satisfying muscle-pump that Nitro Kick delivers and the prolonged state of contraction that the working muscles can endure which delays typical muscular fatigue and keeps users going for much longer without the need for any caffeine.
L-Arginine has a range of other benefits which appear to include:

• Increased skeletal muscle mitochondria and greatens exercise capacity.
• Recent data confirms that Arginine not only plays a muscle building role but also acts as a Lipolytic (fat burner).
• Has become known as a safe and effective pro-sexual nutrient for men and women by the improved blood flow to the genital area.
• Reduces risk of blood clots and stroke.
• Supports male fertility, improving sperm production and mobility.
• Supports normal blood pressure.

How it’s used

The 600g container contains 30 servings of 20g. For optimal results, take one serving in the morning or 30 minutes before a workout and one during the evening.

Best mixed with water, fruit juice or added to a protein shake.

Use before a workout as a caffeine free alternative, pre-workout fat burner drink. 

What you can expect*

Big muscle pumps during workouts and improved muscular endurance during long bouts of intense training. 

Who is it for?

For male and female bodybuilders that are sensitive to caffeine or prefer a stimulant free pre-workout.

For anyone who is interested in training for longer and for more intense periods of time.

*Disclaimer - supplement results vary from person to person and Peak Body Nutrition suggests using supplements to compliment a healthy diet and lifestyle. If in doubt when considering if supplement use is suitable, please contact your GP, Doctor or Physician for advice.

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200g L-Arginine, Inulin, Citric Acid, Wheat Fibre, Colour: (Beetroot Red), Sweetener: (Sucralose).


• Take 1 serving (20g) in the morning or about 30 minutes before training and another at night.
• 2 servings per day equals 14g of L-Arginine.
• Mix with Fruit Juice, Milk, Protein Shake or Water.

Size 600g